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Beach Service

Beach service means you can find us also directly to the beach for ask info, assistance for launching and landing the kite and have the possibility to test RRD, Naish and North equipment; If you want we offer also a very high quality pictures book.

And from some requests, we also offer our service to fold your kite after the riding, so you can enjoy your drink and find the kite ready for the next session!

Seasonal 40€
Weekly 20€
Daily 10€
Members 15€
Not Members 50€
Members promotions
Hostel without breakfast -30%
Single lift 25€

The AREA KITE in Campione del Garda (concessione Demaniale n° 833 del 24/09/2013) is regulated and managed by SPREAD WINGS.
The qualified VDWS staff is available every day, holidays including, from 8:00 to 18:00 from March 1st to November 1st.

Beach Regulation

To avoid dangerous situations, it is important to follow the following rules:

  • Each visitor assumes all responsibility and risk in the use of the kite and its structures and in the practice of kiteboarding;
  • Each visitor need a kite license VDWS or equivalent (safe navigation);
  • Each visitor nned a insurance for kiteboarding; subscribed at Tender shop
  • Each visitor must be in good psycho-physical conditions for the activity and the practice of kiteboarding;
  • The practice of kiteboarding is permitted from the age 12 years; up to the age of 18 they must be accompanied by a parent or tutor;
  • Each visitor must be in possession of fully functional equipment for the practice of kiteboard:

A device for the quick release in case of need

  • Life jacket
  • Knif cut lines
  • Waterproof bag for cell phone. In case of need call  0039 3317789513

Each visitor have to know the conditions (wind, turbulence, safe areas for the return)

  • In emergency, not for wind ending , the price: With Tender card 5€ – Without Tender card 50€
  • Other cases, the price: With Tender card 15€ – Without Tender card 50€

Rules and prohibitions:

Kite on the ground should be in order to not obstructing the drop-zone, on contrary who assigned could deflate the kite
From the drop-zone only one kite at once could fly, than leave the zone free in a rush
If throw time and landing of two kites are in the same moment, landing has the priority
Caution! It is Forbidden:

Conducting lessons if not organized by Tender, or who specifically authorized by the same;
To use the kite flying outside kite areas;
Keep the kite in fligh in the kite areas,  except for adjustments to be made and assisted in the shortest possible time;
Never be close to the bank less than to 150 mt
Rientrare nelle aree destinate alla balneazione
Land the kite in designated areas for swimming

The staff and the mentioned organization are responsible for enforcing the above listed safety regulations and handling