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kitesurf courses

Our water sport center VDWS n.VS22093 propose kitesurf courses from more than 15 years, every weekly day, from first of March until first of November. The windy and terrain spot condition in Campione del Garda are perfect to learn this sport, letting the beginners improve with funny and completely safe. We are proud to be one of the firsts kitesurf schools born in Italy e you can be sure to learn and enjoy it, you’ll get your target very soon!

80€ / 1h

It’s for who is not so sure to begin this new adventure, it’s not necessary attend the entry level complete course, one hour for 80€ could be enough to clear your mind.

Entry Level
360€ / 6h
The Entry Level course is the start up to learn this sport: It’s perfect for just try but also to take the bases and then continue into learning way. It’s 6 hours long not consecutive, 4hrs is practice and 2hrs theory is included, all the time personally followed by an instructor and the VDWS license.
One to One
270€ / 2h
One 2 One course is made to perfection the individual style, thinking to medium level riders, to improve them position in sailing, or learn new freestyle tricks individually followed by a personal instructor. It’s 2 hours long not necessary consecutive, an expert instructor follows you step by step.

The kite courses are the effective time of personal training. The kitesurf practice lessons are made to every student level. From the beginner to the expert learning a new trick. The kite surf courses can include all the equipment, it’s enough to come with board shorts or bikini, flip flop and towels.

Prices: 1hrs practice 90€ equipment included

Into our courses you can learn completely safe with the personal VDWS or FIV instructors assistance who follow ono by one the students by a motor boat. The booking time can be deciding to the addresses below. The booked lesson has to be respected and confirmed by bank transition with the price of one hour of lesson. Cannot be payback if the cancellation is shorter than 24hrs from the booking, every prepaid has to be used before the end of the season anyway.

More infos writing to: info@spreadwingsurfing.com or call: +39 331 7789513


Special Kid Camp

For younger kiters between 12 and 18 years old. Spread Wings proposes 5 day of sports activities.

From Monday morning to Friday evening for 490€ each student, followed all the time by spread wings staff. The price is inclusive of sleeping into Spread Wings Surf House, breakfast, lunch and dinner to Long Island Beach Bar; sports activities basically in kiteboarding but also windsurfing, S.U.P., climbing and trekking. The minimum numbers has to be 6 students.

Periods: 24 June/28 June – 22 July/26 July