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As always at the forefront in the formation of water activities, from this 2020 season we are ready to face this new adventure with you, called Wing Surf. First of all the Name wing Surf or wingsurf or Wing Foil or simply WIng which in English means “Wing”. In fact, the word encompasses everything, in fact in the hands you do not hold a windsurf sail or a kite for kitesurfing but just a portable inflatable wing and not attached to the board, to push you. We can use it as a means to generate the energy needed to move with a very buoyant board that can be a SUP board or with a board with a FOIL underneath or a Land Board (with wheels) if we want to use it on the lawn, beach, etc … or with ski or snowboard in the mountains with snow.

It only requires basic board skills to get started and minimal equipment. Plus, it’s easier and safer to learn, so everyone can have fun. Higher performance will come with the ability to combine with a foil board for maximum speeds, upwind ability and jaw-dropping maneuvers. In practice, this discipline called WING SURF represents an absolute novelty that make it different from Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. We have been learning and testing these new wing wings for a short time and something was immediately evident to us. As with most sports, but especially wind sports, initial learning can be challenging. But, with a few tips and proper progression, the learning curve really accelerates. You don’t need to be an experienced windsurfer or kiter to learn wing surfing, although it could speed up learning time.

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Basic Course
280€ per 5 hours
Wing Rental
20€ per hour
Board Rental
30€ per hour