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RRD evo wing Y29


  • Innovative leading edge outline to enhance handling and top speed
  • New double inflating/ deflating system, 2 times quicker to set and creating a stiffer body
  • 2x long handles easy to grab in maneuvers
  • Removable mini battens
  • Can be used with a boom (sold separately) in place of the two rigid handles
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The new EVO WING Y29 embodies a harmonious blend of lightweight, control, power, velocity, and agility. This balance is achieved through a meticulously refined moderate aspect-ratio design that minimizes both front and rear flow stalls. The EVO wing not only shows an immediate accessible feel when in your hands, but also grants immediate forward propulsion, thanks the variable twist coming from the central strut and tips. This results in a flawless balance between power and control, essential on a Freeride and Freestyle accessible wing. The dynamic interplay between rigidity and flex is achieved using the advanced EVOWarp 160grms/sqmt low stretch fabric used in the leading edge and central strut. Coupled with two layers of this fabric in the hi-stressed areas. In the tips instead we use a new lighter fabric EVOTexlite 140 grms/sqmt . The optimized fabric tension, coupled with reduced drag, generates optimal power for quick take-offs and subsequently facilitates precise mid-flight control, enabling an intuitive experience.

Crafted with care, the handles of the wing are ergonomically designed, allowing a vast range of riding styles. These extra-wide grips provide an immediated connection to power control, allowing the rider to an intimate and responsive experience.

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