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RRD MAQUINA Y27 – 5’9″x18 “x2 ” – 22 LTS

Il prezzo originale era: 1.399,00€.Il prezzo attuale è: 720,00€.

The Maquina Y27 is our classic thruster and it is the one you want to be riding when you need to have a totally reliable shape. With such a pure surfboard feel, this board becomes an extension of your body and allows your eyes to draw lines on the waves.
The narrow outline reduces the swing weight, making it easier and faster for you to turn and fit in more critical sections without catching.
Charge the biggest swells with this grippy stick while maintaining precise control over the direction of the board in any situation. Get powered up and be ready to ride fast down that huge wall of water!

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TRUST, COMFORT and PREDICTABILITY, 3 words to give you best feeling while riding.
Boards that may appear simple but which contain super technological secrets. High-tech products to ensure maximum durability, lightness and perfect flex for all types of conditions and rider. We completely revised the surfboard construction process, 27 years of know-how, after hundreds  of boards produced and tested around the world.
RRD is today the ONLY brand in the market to use hi density Moulded EPS cores on kitesurfboards.
The new PRO line comes straight from the ultimate moulded surfboards technology which consists of a high definition EPS core, made with a high definition “Super EPS“ mould, which is then injected with 36 Kgs/m3 density EPS beads. Using the EPS injection, through the use of steam with the right temperature and pressure to blow the polystyrene into the mold, the result is a perfect mono-block core 40% more resistant, compact and with perfect surface definition (no open cutout bits are showing on the outside) compared to a classic CNC shaped surf board core. The parabolic carbon rails create a board that has a progressive smooth flex and a strong shape memory. All this not only create an unbeatable technology mix abut also a very stylish, classy and slick look.